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PawnShop Fund › go to program homepage
Payouts: 1.8-2.4% daily!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $50,000
Referral bonus: 7.5%
DDoS protected website using 256 bit SSL connection, Licensed Script, Live Support Feature
  • Lifetime: 2834 days
  • Monitoring: 2834 days
  • Admin rate: 2
  • User rate: 12.2
  • Funds return: 240.00%

± Ratings stats:

Very good: (83 votes)
Good: (13 votes)
Bad: (6 votes)
Very bad: (22 votes)

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
Not paid!!! 5 days pending withdrawal!!!
Fred, if ever u read this, trust me u'll never sleep well
for scamming so many investors after promising them that ur
program was sound. & yes, u won't enjoy the money as
well....This applies to all scammers, stay away if u can;t
run HYIP's. Pls don't give us false promisses.
Change status. "Not paying"
its a week already.. goodbye PSF.. you are a great scammer
Does not pay to Alert Pay too
Ugh, today my withdrawal request is pending. Up until now,
it was always instant to Alertpay.
PawnShop-Fund is NOT paying, I've been trying to get my
money for 5 days but it's useless, I've tried to cancel the
withdrawal requests and making a new attempt but nothing
works, they have stopped paying, just another SCAM, STAY
Paying 100$ withdraw to my AP instantly.
No problem to withdraw to Alert Pay
I believe that withdrawal requests to Liberty Reserve are
being held up because LR had been down for maintenance. I'm
having no problems withdrawing to Alertpay. Try cancelling
requests and send to AP instead.
payment received very fast today.
I have just got $ 11 to alertpay!!!
Since 18 Nov 2010 I waiting for withdrawal. Jeff, could you
check My sccount, please?
Pending Withdrawals more than 72 hours
4 pendings yet; admin why this program is in PAYING status?
pending more 24 hours, 2 withdrawal request
Pending 3 withdrawals. More than 48 hours.
three pendings
more then 24 hours pending payments almost 4 pending
payments. this hyip is gone. goldpoll you can verify my
Please Jeff! Do you see the votes! Place it wit the promlem
status - because pending for 2-3 days - is THE REAL PROBLEM!
VERY BAD! Thats my vote!
24 hours pending withdrawal, may be going to scam
Does not pay to Perfect Money
2 Days toatal 4 pendings in LR!
AP withdrawal received instantly, thx! ... seems LR
Pending withdrawal more than 48 hours.
Admin does not reply
just got paid instantly on Alertpay.
They are pending my money over 24 hours and more - they
don't answer the support request. But I've got my money
instantly on my AlertPay account... Its only pending on
Liberty Reserve and PerfectMoney!!! Why?
Infomation about payouts:
Once you request it, you will get the amount instantly in
your eccurency account, if unexpected delays appear then
please allow us upto 24 hours to process your pending
withdrawal requests.
I am very unhappy because one of my top hyip site are gone!
2 pending requests on LR - more complaints on GT from
different people
NOT PAYING !! . . my payment still pending. . 2 cashout
request still pending. . DONT INVEST HERE !!
I just got paid. Instantly as usual. Don't believe the bad
votes. I never have anything pending because it is instant.
Good program keep up the good work.
That must be a joke! PSF is not paying now everyone's
payments are on a PENDING status, to me that's a SCAM and
they're about to run with our money, do NOT invest on
PawnShop Fund!!!
Not sure what is up with the bad votes but I just made my
request and instant as usual. The last three to four voters
need to check their information before become slanderous in
an open forum. Good job pawn shop.
Dont invest here. They have 2 pending payments from me and
thier support isnt answering me. Dont invest here.
Pending Withdrawal. On some monitors it have status
"waiting" or "problem"
I don't know why Goldpoll still put PSF on paying while
there isn't even chance to confirm a withdraw on this
website.problem now. don't invest !!!!
payment received, no problem, thank you admin
Paid instantly 11/18/2010 U5583194 U2535419 49462911 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Paid instantly 11/17/2010 U5583194 U2535419 49396161 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Paid instantly 11/16/2010 U5583194 U2535419 49305243 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Paid instantly 11/15/2010 00:49 49209001 U5583194 (PawnShop)
U8165444 +$9.99
Paid instantly 11/14/2010 23:10 49206457 U5583194 (PawnShop)
U8165444 +$0.72
:) instant claim

Date: 2010-15-11 12:00:44
Batch: 49242610
From Account: U5583194
Amount: $0.54
Memo: Withdraw from

Thank you.
Always Perfect !!
Paid instantly 11/15/2010 U5583194 U2535419 49221214 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Paid instantly 11/14/2010 U5583194 U2535419 49163162 10.50 -
TVS Mini Synd
I have been investing here for a couple of weeks now and I
have been getting paid everyday without any trouble. Good
admin. and good site.
Paid instantly 11/12/2010 U5583194 U2535419 49018500 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd

Paid instantly 11/13/2010 U5583194 U2535419 49094618 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
instant claim received
Date: 2010-12-11 08:43:19
Batch: 49025982
From Account: U5583194
Amount: $0.54
Memo: Withdraw from

Thank you.
Instant satisfaction
Paid instantly 11/11/2010 19:46 48992257 U5583194 (PawnShop)
U8165444 +$1.44
Paid instantly 11/10/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48839766 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd

Paid instantly 11/11/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48944500 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
great honest hyip! paid instantly as usual, I just added $70
to increase my daily ROI, hopefully this site can survive
more than 1 year.
Paid instantly 11/09/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48750325 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Smooth sailing and the water's fine! Come on in!!! :)
Paid 11/08/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48669293 3.00 - TVS Mini
:) instant payment .....LR
You have received a payment to your account

Date: 2010-07-11 11:51:37
Batch: 48615921
From Account: U9183214
Amount: $0.54
Memo: Withdraw from

Thank you
Website back up and working great!
Paid 11/07/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48603807 3.00 - TVS Mini
Website down.
Paid 11/06/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48547964 3.00 - TVS Mini
Paid 11/05/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48470481 3.00 - TVS Mini
Paid Instantly 11/04/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48372383 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Still paying me instantly
Paid Instantly 11/03/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48292359 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Paid instantly 11/03/2010 17:21 48337831 U9183214
(PawnShop PayAcc) U8165444 +$0.52
payment received
very good program and very
Paid Instantly 11/02/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48204153 3.75 -
TVS Mini Synd
Paid Instantly 11/01/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48124877 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Paid instantly 10/31/2010 22:58 48107469 U9183214 (PawnShop
PayAcc) U8165444 +$1.00
Payment received, thank you!
10/31/2010 16:20 48091178 U9183214 (PawnShop PayAcc) +
Paid Instantly 10/31/2010 U9183214 U2535419 48069940 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Always got paid on time!
10/30/2010 17:25 48039323 U9183214 (PawnShop PayAcc) +
payment received instantly
very good program and very
thank you admin
Paid Instantly 10/30/2010 U9183214 U2535419 47998990 3.00 -
TVS Mini Synd
Payment received, thank you!
10/29/2010 17:19 47966966 U9183214 (PawnShop PayAcc) +
Paid Instantly 10/29/2010 U9183214 U2535419 47920754 3.00 -
TVS Synd
Payment received, thank you!
10/28/2010 17:28 47882000 U9183214 (PawnShop PayAcc) +
The best site in this time.
Payment received, thank you! admin
Paid Instantly 10/28/2010 U9183214 U2535419 47829972 3.00 -
TVS Synd
Date: 2010-27-10 07:53:38
Batch: 47743573
From Account: U9183214
Amount: $0.54
Memo: Withdraw to cam from

Thank you.
Paid Instantly 10/27/2010 U9183214 U2535419 47741693 3.00 -
TVS Synd
Paid instantly 10/26/2010 18:37 47701197 U9183214 (PawnShop
PayAcc) U8165444 + $1.00
Paid Instantly 10/26/2010 U9183214 U2535419 47638053 3.00 -
TVS Synd
Payment received, thank you!
10/25/2010 17:58 47604626 U9183214 (PawnShop PayAcc) +
Paid Instantly 10/25/2010 U9183214 U2535419 47549885 3.00 -
TVS Synd
really really really really good good good good! instant
payment, high interest.
Payment received, thank you!
10/24/2010 17:18 47525556 U9183214 (PawnShop PayAcc) +
Paid Instantly 10/24/2010 U9183214 U2535419 47498043 3.00-
Payment received, thank you!
10/22/2010 19:10 47410139 U9183214 (PawnShop PayAcc) +