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Ture Profit › go to program homepage
Payouts: 8% weekly!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: n/a
Referral bonus: 1-6%
8% weekly for 50 weeks
10 level referral program: 6%-3%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%
Compound Available
Instant Withdrawal
DDoS Protected
SSL Certificated
Dedicated Server
  • Lifetime: 2385 days
  • Monitoring: 2385 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 330.0
  • Funds return: 584.00%

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Very good: (1645 votes)
Good: (60 votes)
Bad: (12 votes)
Very bad: (19 votes)

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
now it works well , got paid normal
They are paying! I got paid yesterday.
I put in my $25.00 and now the site wont even load. Rip off
Used to pay straight away, but now several pending
withdrawals over a period of a few weeks. No response to
Not paid for more than 10 days
I did rec'd payment to my STP account.
very big scam in hyip this decade they perfectly hatched the
plan to sequeze investers money they miserable days un
curable diseases their their families
You have just received $11.00 into your SolidTrust Pay
via Member API
I have a withdrawal request by $ 10.40 (Liberty Reserve)
dated May-10-2013 01:33:39 PM. How long should I expect for
this request to be processed?
Can anyone help?
only solid trust pay receive payment,the rest are not
All my withdrawal requests throughout last week still
pending at this time.
Payed 33.50 to STP. Thx
still pending from last weeks....SCAM !!!!
Still the best program...I got my payment today May-12-2013
Incredible!!! Ture Profit pay $29 STP - \o/ \o/
I received the payment 10.5.2013
I receive $5.07 .. STP..
thank you for your payment
it is a big scam this decade they planed after giving
confidence giving new plans block period 50days for their
luxurious lifeby taking hard earned investors money they
shall die miserable days their and their familys
I receive $ 50.02 .. STP..
Be carefull : Not paying requested withdraws since 08 - 09
May, (instantly paid before 08 May)
Pending withdrawals for several days--not paying.
Do not pay my pending withdrawal Only $3.33 - hendrasu0450
This is not a fake votes - please admin dont removed. Please
login into my account by your self. No need waiting status.
I think you need consider " Allientus " to
replaced, they are good in payment and friendly
communication - thank you. - hendrasu0450/indohyipvoter
I hope they die a terrible death. another scam. this losers
kept making promises theyb never kept. I really hope they
get destroyed someway, somehow. karma is a bitch. This one
was the last hyip I had my money on, now they have stopped
paying. Once again, I was never in profit. Fuck u all that
do hyip. u all the cause of this mess. Stay off them and let
the HYIPs and the monitors play mind games with each other.
Withdraw pending since 05/07/2013. Why people are posting
pay advise ?
thanks again for your fast payment.
not paying
I am still hoping for this company...Lets see...
09/05 - $52.00 has been successfully sent to your
SolidTrustPay account horusimport.
Transaction batch is 275355560.

08/05 - $31.00 has been successfully sent to your
SolidTrustPay account horusimport.
Transaction batch is 275350369.
Stopped paying interest
Paid as usual, one of the best hyips in the industrie!
look @ the asholes that post negative votes! NOT ONE is
comfirmed by Jeff!
So fuck off measly crap!
scam they squezed hard earned money from investers for
luxirous living their and their children i blessed atleat
un curable diseases generation and all
Tureprofit has never failed to pay me since I joined last
month. very strange what are all these negative comments?
maybe something is going on. I can say their payment process
now delays, not instant like before.
Payed and today $33.5 to STP with a small delay. No problem
so far!! Thx
WTF !!!! hell........ my wd pending !!!!!
if u people refuse to refund my money, you never succeed in
anything you used my money for, your generation to
generation will suffer till death, sickness and disease
shall be your portion all the days of your life...
I receive my money
$ 47.65
End Tureprofit...
sad ... my investment lost...
Not paying... no response from admin either...
5/8/2013 You have just received $41.00 into your SolidTrust
Pay account
via Member API

Item ID:

Transaction ID: 275350426
alex goddard on utube has got paid yesterday and today I
just talked to him ,how come we arent getting paid,check out
his video 540 dollars in the 80 day 5% plan
Ture profit is not paying. Anyone who uses SolidTrust Pay
pls contact STP and inform them about it. They will freeze
their account and you may get a refund. They need a lot of
people to contact them before they can take action. I have
already contacted them. So please contact STP and make a
i find if your pending for a while, cancel your withdraw
usually after hours, and try to withdraw again, then it
usually will come back instantly , i think all will be fine
here, nothing to worry about
My withdraw is pending more than 24 hours. is Ture profit
scam now? how can i get back my money.
thank you for your payment. as up today I stil receive my
though i have acount balance caption coming ihave no funds
it is true it is a cheating scam for profit their luxurious
hard earned investers money it is a perfect scam
not paying
tureprofit is dead.
My withdrawal is more than 24 hours and they have not pay me
and today's own is still pending
they remove all monitor rating from their site.they wont
reply when contacted, my withdrawal still pending, the
latest scam. very bad.
Still paying to STP as always. Sometimes there is a delay
for 24h. But they still pay me $33.5 and $25. Thx
Date: 5/7/2013 6:06 PM
Batch: 143025691
From Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount: $315.50
Memo: withdraw to alex67 from
Any prediction is wirthless now. Ture profit is still paying
and I beleive it has great potential. Pl support this
dont worrie!!! Ture profit still paying,
You have requested to withdraw $1.84.
Request IP address is
This site is one of the few you could trust with your hard
earned money. Batch: 143042901
My withdraw has been pending for well over 24 hours.
Tureprofit Is scamming people Don't Invest!!! Goldpoll put
them into NOT PAID status!!!
Their new plan is a scam so that they can make quick money
and stop. Do not invest...
my withdraw is pending over 24h too, Tureprofit have new
plan so it going to scam
its been over 24 hrs now for me and no payment anybody else
have this happen,I use solid trust pay
Paid again nearly instantaneously. A wonderfully performing
company so far.
Don't worry Tureprofit pays within 24hrs. Its has always
been like that for me.
i just withdraw in ture profit, and it's pending and not
paying instanly, any other with same happen like me. is it
any problem with tureprofit??
05/06/2013 05:25
E-currency: Liberty Reserve
Amount: $203.96
Batch: 142782222
Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Processing time: 12 seconds
Memo: Withdraw to user Handebs
Date: 5/6/2013 1:46 AM
Batch: 142768031
From Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount: $45.62
Memo: withdraw to makeind from

Thank you.
This program is paying on time!Thank admin for paying me and

Date: 5/6/2013 1:51 AM
Batch: 142768175
From Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount: $202.60
Memo: withdraw to Deosbas from
Excellent online investment program. They still pay me very
Finally, finally u are the best for now.Thank you
thanks got paid 138.95 today !!!!
Next payment received instantly as usual:

Date: 5/4/2013 1:46 AM
Batch: 142580514
From Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount: $200.65
Memo: Withdraw to user HyipDollar from
Payment received:
Date : 2013-05-04 18:35:11
From/To Account : U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount : 109.90
Currency : usd
Batch : 142659023
Memo : withdraw to DEosoebhyip from
Date: 5/5/2013 3:55 AM
Batch: 142685866
From Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount: $513.40
Memo: withdraw to Trcaicnins from
I got paid today. Thanks
05/04/2013 02:20 142582100 U2200344 (TureProfit) + $301.71
Paid $31.20 instantly. Pays every day instantly when
payments are requested, an excellent company, trustworthy in
every respect so far.
Thank you Admin very much!!

You have just received $1.10 into your SolidTrust Pay
account via
Member API

Item ID:

Transaction ID: 275315804

Member Name: tureprofitcom
05/05/2013 00:41 142677921 U2200344 (TureProfit) + $152.23
Date: 05/05/2013 00:43
Batch: 142678012
From Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount: $518.00
Memo: withdraw to jhoensths from
I got paid on time by 138.95 I love this
Payment :

Date: 5/5/2013 7:59 AM
Batch: 142699490
From Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount: $202.75
Memo: Withdraw to user kdwsbskl from
Date : 2013-05-05 08:06:11
From/To Account : U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount : 100.76
Currency : usd
Batch : 142700110
Memo : withdraw to goeossur from
got paid again 6th payment instantly thankyou tureprofit..
You have just received $1.47 into your SolidTrust Pay
account via
Member API
Always beware when a new high paying interest scheme is
introdruced, it's a last ditch approach to get money pouring
in before they pull the plug. I have $885 invested in all
and now all withdrawal requests are being put on pending.
The days of instant payout have finished.
Please Goldpoll can you retreive my money if at all
thank you again and again for your instant payout. continue
the good work. very trustworthy investment site
Instantly payment always. hendrasu0450
Batch no : 21719279
I got payment from this great hyip , Thanks a lot for being
so honest. Batch : 142598971
Date : 2013-05-04 06:54:15
From/To Account : U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount : 202.00
Currency : usd
Batch : 142598202
Memo : ithdraw to xckdopeo from
Date: 5/4/2013 4:02 AM
Batch: 142587533
From Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount: $204.41
Memo: withdraw to Tueisuser from
Date : 2013-05-03 14:01:59
From/To Account : U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount : 503.22
Currency : usd
Batch : 142519511
Memo : withdraw to Wowhotshyip from
I received payment to my LR account today as usual. Thanks
for your good work.
I received money many time,last time was 0.80.
Account U5787136.
Batch is 142445683. Paid immediately .
I trust TureProfit. Thanks Admin
Thank you for your instantly payment for long time,
hopefully more than 1000 days - to be the winner of the
longest life HYIP. Withdrawal processed. Batch id: 21875774
( this night GMT + 7 )
Paying correctly. Thank you admin.
Thanks for instant payment,

Date: 5/3/2013 4:25 PM
Batch: 142539416
From Account: U2200344 (TureProfit)
Amount: $2.80
Memo: Withdraw to peterari from
payment is prompt.thank you
thanks again for your instant payment. This is the only
investment company that I invested my money with.