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Payouts: 8-13% daily for 15 days!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $50,000
Referral bonus: 5%

As an incorporated offshore investment company, we are proud of our international team of experienced and successful investment managers and experts. Our team uses a conservative method of approach to investing. They are knowledgeable in all financial and investment fields, have extensive analytical skills and experience in innovative financial strategies to achieve the best performance for your financial portfolio. Our team optimizes your profits with keeping a low risk approach to the markets.

  • Lifetime: 3043 days
  • Monitoring: 3043 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 113.2
  • Funds return: 2303.06%

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
It is extremely inadmissible that HYIP INV continues to
display a PAYING status. Totally INADMISSIBLE and MISLEADING
to potential investors. I invested $130.00 on September
23,13 up until September 29, 13, I haven't been paid a cent.
I have $52.00 pending for 5 days. I placed a vote 3 days ago
leaving my login details for verification but Goldpoll has
remained silent in changing the status. Again, I'm leaving
my login details.
Admin of this site hasn't responded to 5 of emails. WORST!
The good payout has been received immediately.
From Account No: U1583402 (
Batch Id: 34767903
Amount: 3.45 USD
Always get pay here. I am thankful for your honest admin.
You are the best.
SUPER program, Hyip remain stable. I obtained my withdrawal
right now.
This investment company pays me every day amount of $2.88,
batch transition today's payment is 34933200,from account no
U1583402 (
Paid me successfully. Very good paying system!!!!!!!!!1
Amount: 10.00
Currency: usd
Account: U1583402 (
Batch: 39908142
Date: September 19 2013
They are the best! New Paid received today! Thank you so
much admin you have kept your promise again today.
This project is really profitable for me. Please keep up the
good work. It is one of those rare opportunities you cannot
miss out on.
Instant payout delivered right now.
2013.09.19 15:09 $100.00 U1583402 ( 39265920
The safe way to deposit your money and receive a stable and
constant profit for a long time. Thank you for paying me.
Next withdrawal received recently.
Date and Time: 2013.09.19 7:06
Batch Transition ID: 34975790
Account No: U1583402 (
Amount: 10.00 USD
stable program! Pays me every day. I have been paid as
normal. Thanks.
Nice payout received, Really an excellent and trustworthy
program. Paid me smoothly. thank you.
I have received 9.45USD from account number U1583402
( Batch is 34648804.
Admin Excellent. paid on time my stable income.
Super great paying . Usual payment received. The best
program for all investors.
Paid immediately.
2013-09-15 15:00 $10.60 U1583402 ( 30581127
Next Payment Received. I am really happy with your work.
fast and solid program!!
Paid me quickly as the schedule. Thank you so much.
Amount: $9.80
Batch: 30565761
Account: U1583402 (
Date: 15.09.2013 13:20
Instant Payment !!!
14.09.13 10:36 $10.90 From account no: U1583402
batch: 39076405
Instant payout received today.
Account No: U1583402 (
Batch Id: 39367603
Amount: 4.55
Currency: USD
Getting my payments in days. I got paid instantly like every
Next payment received instantly as usual. very good site,
never missed a payment.
Paid well and always in time!
Date: 2013/09/14 Time: 6:20PM
Account No: U1583402 ( Gross: 3.80 Currency:
USD Batch: 34119339
I've got paid again.
From Account: U1583402 (
Amount: $4.88
Batch No: 39057249
Date: September 14 2013
Got paid quickly. Thank you admin.
12/09/2013 8:05 $13.00 U1583402 ( 39263123
Got Paid Instantly.
Payment's details:
Date: September 12 2013
Amount: 54.99
Currency: USD
Account No: U1583402 (
Batch Code: 39301140
Got paid recently. good job.i hope the admin will keep his
excellent working.
Cool and Interesting site, They keep on paying me everyday.
Paid me immediately, Great program! I would argue that this
is really great hyip.
Very good market in the online investing world. It is a real
online investment.
I really appreciates your plans and the Admin support. Keep
it up!
Good site with nice support. Payout request has been
Another payout has been received today.
Date: 11/09/2013
Amount: $0.65
Batch: 39558670
Account: U1583402 (
Next withdrawal received recently.
From Account No: U1583402 (
Date: 11/09/2013
Batch Transition Code: 39502143
Amount: $2.34
I am really glad joining one of the best online investment
company. My income is still increasing.
Thank you admin for your high quality performance and
awesome services.
The website paid me successfully today.
Amount: 1.75USD
From Account: U1583402 (
Batch ID: 39578126
Today, I have earned $7.75 from account number U1583402
(, and the batch number is 38916380.
The performance of this team work is magnificent. Glad to
see the program is growing steadily.
Paid regularly.
Date: 2013-09-10 10:17
From Account: U1583402 (
Amount: 33.97
This was a big opportunity for me to meet this Hyip through
internet research.
I traded with this admin for a long time and all my profits
sent back into my account till now.
Paid quickly.
09/10/2013 8:12 $3.98 U1583402 ( 34460226
I am so happy that i received another payment.Excellent
program, always paying! very recommended to join here,
should reinvest more!
08/09/2013 $6.00 39889870 U1583402 (
The perfect payout delivered right now.
Date: 16/05/2013 Time: 9:48 Account No: U6469029 Batch Id:
143456338 Amount:$19.82
Great investment! This site usually pays. Thank you admin
for your good work.
I've got paid $150.86 from account no: U6469029 with the
batch id: 22311021
Thank you so much.
Today's withdraw has been received on time.
date: 2013 May 15
from/to account no: U6469029
batch id: 143903614
amount: 3.65
currency: usd
memo: NBC withdrawal
Nice site and honest admin. My nice payout has been received
today as every day. Thanks admin very much.
Payment received without any problem. I think this is the
best paying site in the whole wide world.
The site paid me normally as the schedule.
Date: 2013-05-14
Account No: U6469029
Batch Id: 141363429
Amount: $890.55
Paid again as always. it is a very good site, admin is
Get paid from Account No: U6469029
Batch Id: 143599913
Amount: $28.88
On: 2013 May 14
Daily payments received again, stable project and always
paid me on time. Thank you for your best service.
The great program which makes money for investors, paid me
on time. Thanks a lot.
Quick payment received today.
Date: 14/05/2013
From Account No: U6469029
Batch No: 141533404
Amount: $3.65
Memo: NBC withdrawal
New profit received already.
This is a paying program. paid me well, I like it very much.
I am thankful of this admin for the whole of my life.
Paid to me still ,no problem. Actually, I am very satisfied
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This program can increase my money within a short time. I
received my profit timely.
Maybe this is the best HY program on the net! Excellent
online investment program. Paying instantly every day.
Another profit received again. Thank you so much.
Time: 10:20
Date: 13-05-2013
Account No: U6469029
Amount: $1.90
Batch No: 143482620
Memo: NBC withdrawal
thanks for paying. Very solid program serious approach and
regular payouts. Pays me every week.
$8.90 got paid from account number U6469029 , with the batch
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I have received my new and nice payment from
Account No: U6469029
Amount: $9.60
Batch: 142992620
On: 11/05/2013
Instantly payment to me. nice profit and stable income!
Everything went as planned.
The best way to raise your fund. I really recommend this
Paid Paid Paid Instantly.....
Date and Time: 2013 05 11 7:40 Account: U6469029 Amount:
$2.90 Batch Id: 142895720
Awesome! This was my new payment in this month which
received and I'm happy. thank you so much.
Very fast payout!!!!!
date: 2013-05-11
amount: 19.00USD
account: U6469029
batch: 143465840
memo: NBC withdrawal
I got withdrawal today . thank you so much.
PAYING! PAYING! PAYING! Paid Immediately and Quickly!
From Account: U6469029
Batch: 149227264
Date: 2013.05.09
Amount: $1.80
Memo: NBC Withdrawal
Accurate payment has been received now. Thank you so much.
Date: 2013-05-09
Amount: 2.55
Currency: usd
Account: U6469029
Batch: 140896873
Memo: NBC Withdrawal
Instant payment delivered right now.
2013 May 09 10:22 $180.42 U6469029 140884503
I am happy to joined this site. Paid to me regularly, keep
up good work.
Excellent Website! I think this is the best paying site in
the whole wide world. Thanks for paying me.
The admin paid me very good payment.
It has been received from
Account No: U6469029
With the Batch No: 142846253
On 09/05/2013 at 11:32
Amount Of: $92.00
Very solid program! They don't have any problem to pay out
my payment. Thank you admin.
Paid me quickly and regularly.
From/To Account No: U6469029
Date: 08-05-2013
Amount: $55.40
Batch: 143042911
It is good HYIP program. The site have excellent performance
among in paying hyips.
Great work, Well done!
2013-05-07 Currency:usd Amount: 2.50 Account: U6469029
Batch: 142712900
Instant payout received today. Great job! Thank you so much
for paying me on time.
Account No: U6469029
Date: 2013 May 07
Batch Id: 142761513
Currency: USD
Amount: 15.25
They still pay me very well. Withdrawal processed. thank you
very much.
I've got paid Instantly today.
Date: 07/05/2013
Account No: U6469029
Batch Id: 21993841
Amount: $50.92
Next payout received already.
From/To Account No: U6469029
Date: 05 May 2013
Amount: $29.00
Batch No: 149181968
Cool site excited me with the good payouts. Paying
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date: 04 May 2013
from Account no: U6469029
batch id: 141961113
amount: 20.99
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I got paid again. Really Perfect site. This project never
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Date: 04-05-2013 Account No: U6469029 Batch Transition Code:
142441524 Amount: $39.00
Paid me as usual. Thank you so much.
Amount: $4.98
Date and Time: 2013-05-04 10:27
Batch Id: 21879128
From Account No: U6469029
congratulations! I received payment to my LR account today
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Date: 02/05/2013
Account No: U6469029
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