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August 14, 2020 My Virtual Investor
Payouts: 0.75-3% daily!
Min-max: $20-
Payouts: 1.05-28% hourly!
Min-max: $10-n/a
August 12, 2020 Coinscola
Payouts: 10-12% daily!
Min-max: $10-$50,000
August 11, 2020 Invest Trade
Payouts: 0.3-4% daily!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
Big On Assets Ltd
Payouts: 0.4-10% daily!
Min-max: $30-n/a
Payouts: 2.1% weekly!
Min-max: $10-$100
August 10, 2020 AfisFund
Payouts: 1-20% after 1 day!
Min-max: $10-$120,000
Payouts: 0.06-5% hourly!
Min-max: $1-$5,000
August 07, 2020 Increaser
Payouts: 0.08-5% hourly!
Min-max: $1-$10,000
August 05, 2020 British FX Funds
Payouts: 0.5-20% daily!
Min-max: $10-n/a
Bit Hit Ltd
Payouts: 6-35% daily!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
August 04, 2020 Amixo
Payouts: 0.08-4% hourly!
Min-max: $1-$10,000
August 03, 2020 World Trade 7
Payouts: 1-2.5% daily!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
July 31, 2020 Coinice
Payouts: 2.1% weekly!
Min-max: $10-$1,000
July 29, 2020 Instant Trade Ltd
Payouts: 0.4-15% daily!
Min-max: $20-n/a
July 21, 2020 Solid Invest Ltd
Payouts: 0.4-8% daily!
Min-max: $50-$50,000
July 18, 2020 Crypto Dollar Bill
Payouts: 0.5-10% daily!
Min-max: $40-$50,000
July 13, 2020 NexoBit
Payouts: 9% daily or 140% after 10 days!
Min-max: $10-$50,000
Crypto Miners Group
Payouts: 1% daily or 2.12-42% hourly!
Min-max: $10-$50,000
July 10, 2020 Unb Secure
Payouts: 1-25% after 1 day!
Min-max: $10-$60,000
July 09, 2020 Lissa Express
Payouts: 1-30% after 1 day!
Min-max: $10-$90,000
July 06, 2020 Crypto Node Ltd
Payouts: 1-2% daily!
Min-max: $25-n/a
July 02, 2020 ExpertCo
Payouts: 2.5-3.5% daily!
Min-max: $30-$300,000
July 01, 2020 Ex Bonds Ltd
Payouts: 4-5% daily!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
June 30, 2020 Invest Hit Ltd
Payouts: 1-30% daily!
Min-max: $25-$25,000
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Payouts: 101-120% after 1 day!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $50,000
Referral bonus: 5%
We are Mayor Coin a leading provider of investment management, retirement planning, portfolio guidance, Forex trading, benefits outsourcing and other financial products and services to more than 20 million individuals, institutions and financial intermediaries.
  • Lifetime: 932 days
  • Monitoring: 932 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 20.0
  • Funds return: 75.00%

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
the project ceased to pay on July 15, 2018, after long
delays and the rules of withdrawal 24 hours, passed several
days, the administrator does not get in touch! Do not
invest! SCAM !!!
Really Worth To Invest Here!
Safe deposit,Today I made another withdrawal. It took only
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Really wonderful to me! Always get pay here. Thanks Admin
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This great program is kind of money maker for me. Payment
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Well organized project. Right place to invest! Really good.
this guy paid me, excellent program. Payout request has been
wow ! I get my paid. Honest admin. Thanks.
My wish is that the program continues to grow in the coming
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Very good looking program. I am sure I will put more money
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I just love this program.Withdraws are easy and without any
Today received two payments.Looks like thay
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thank you admin .
A site offered with reasonable return and great concept.
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Amazing hyip!!! Thanks! Got
PAYMENT again! good HYIP
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Paying very well in just time
The best investment of the profits paid to members with
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Looking forward to redeposit with you again,Thanks.
Perfect working investment project. Recommend for everyone
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Thank you... I am placing more fund in the right place .
It is a very Good Fast Hyip program. All member here have
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I am thankful for your honest admin,I have received my
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Exellent programm. Paid always.
I believe and hope for such cooperation.
i am In invest and have a profit.
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very secure program and I always got paid within 1 minute.
Phenomenal! FANTASTIC project! I love this site.
Congratulations on your hyip. You did a very good job.
Gracias por el pago rApido.Buena
Got my next payment ,I reinvested.
I am very satisfied with your
work and my profit
This Hyip had best responsibility. no problem with payments.
Merci Admin pour les paiements toujours instantanés.
paid..really nice serious project!
I get money from this program more. Thanks admin.
Next payment received on time as usual:

Processor : Perfectmoney
Date : 2018-02-22 03:17
From/To Account : U3604220
Amount : 3.20
Currency : USD
Batch : 205905517
Memo : Withdraw to jho4pm.
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Processor : Perfectmoney
Date : 2018-02-22 03:17
From/To Account : U3604220
Amount : 3.20
Currency : USD
Batch : 205905517
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Ce site excellent travail et payer très rapide. merci
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I got payment:

The amount of 2.51 USD has been deposited to your Perfect
Money account. Account: ->U2027***.
Memo:Withdraw to roberthyip.. Date: 06:12 22.02.18. Batch:
Payment received

Date: 22.02.18 01:23
Received Payment 4.27 USD to account U3833293.
Batch: 205928460
Memo: Withdraw to moni150 .

Thank you, Admin!
There is no any problem for me. It is paying.
Thanks admin, good job!
It seems become more and more better.I mean the program is
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This program and Admin are very impressive honest,i got
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Got paid. Good program. Thanks admin

22.02.18 08:37 Account Receive +$3.16 USD to account
Batch: 205948226. Memo: Withdraw to richerdear.
My latest payment:

The amount of 18.51 USD has been deposited to your Perfect
Money account.
Account: U1708175. Memo: Withdraw to binduuhyip .
Date: 10:02 22
.02.18. Batch: 205970221

Thanks admin