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August 21, 2019 Lucroi Llc
Payouts: 4.5-5% daily!
Min-max: $10-$50,000
Crypto Software Inc
Payouts: 1.1-1.7% daily!
Min-max: $20-$100,000
August 19, 2019 Erainno
Payouts: 6% daily or 115% after 3 days!
Min-max: $20-$100,000
Payouts: 1.05-28% hourly!
Min-max: $25-n/a
August 13, 2019 X-Bit
Payouts: 7.1-10.1% daily!
Min-max: $10-$50,000
Payouts: 1.08-30% hourly!
Min-max: $10-$300,000
August 12, 2019 TopMaklers
Payouts: 103-130% after 1 day!
Min-max: $20-$99,000
HourXO 2019
Payouts: 1.08-25% hourly!
Min-max: $5-$300,000
August 09, 2019 Global Okex Fund
Payouts: 0.5% daily!
Min-max: BTC 0.001-n/a
August 07, 2019 Cryptoverdrive
Payouts: 6% daily or 140% after 20 days!
Min-max: $10-$10,000
Payouts: 2% weekly!
Min-max: BTC 0.005-BTC 0.05
Payouts: 10% daily!
Min-max: $30-$20,000
August 05, 2019 Light Assets Ltd
Payouts: 0.6% daily!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
Payouts: 1.2-2.4% daily!
Min-max: $20-$10,000
Payouts: 0.15-0.2% hourly!
Min-max: $10-n/a
August 02, 2019 Opixt
Payouts: 105% after 1 month!
Min-max: $10-n/a
Auction - Today
Payouts: 0.2% daily!
Min-max: $25-$200
August 01, 2019 HourMining Online Ltd
Payouts: 1.06-15% hourly!
Min-max: $5-$500,000
July 29, 2019 Novo Star
Payouts: 103-150% after 1 day!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
July 25, 2019 Kovrita
Payouts: 0.1-2.62% daily!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
Bit - Spectra
Payouts: 102-110% after 1 day!
Min-max: $10-$50,000
Payouts: 1.07-17% hourly!
Min-max: $5-$700,000
July 17, 2019 Best Investment 2019
Payouts: 4-7% daily!
Min-max: $10-n/a
July 16, 2019 B2business
Payouts: 101.75% after 1 day or 106% after 3 days!
Min-max: $10-$20,000
CST170 Ltd
Payouts: 0.7-1.37% daily!
Min-max: $50-$150,000
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Just Investing Online › go to program homepage
Payouts: 1.1-3.3% daily!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $100,000
Referral bonus: 5%
Just Investing Online is a Crypto trading company, specializing in providing profitable
Crypto investment solutions. Gain up to 99% per month by following the few easy steps of our trading system and with a minimum requirement investment.
  • Lifetime: 240 days
  • Monitoring: 225 days
  • Admin rate: 2
  • User rate: 4.3
  • Funds return: 301.40%

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Very good: (19 votes)
Good: (5 votes)
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Rating User Info & Date Comments
Always pays out and the admin are very responsive. 100%
recommended and trusted
paying, right now a good program
good paying program, so far
Received Payment 385 USD from account U18463207 to account
U8147634. Batch: 28709874305. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment.
Withdraw to paul001 from JUST INVESTING ONLINE.
I received another payout, thanks
paying . recommended strongly
earned a profit everyday, thank you
profit received, thank you
get free $10 welcome bonus, i even not make any deposit yet,
wow, thank you
stable profit and their support have quick response for any
problem and question
I see no single complaints from member, which is the sign
that all going good
paying, recommended, i have survey lots of their member,
mostly satisfied and confidence, have long term investment
referral commission and daily profits received, thank you
admin, and thanks for the welcome bonus of $10, seems it
make me can get more referral easier.
Yes, thanks Admin for the profit, but many thanks has bring
back Free $10 Welcome deposit bonus back, sure many new
investor will appreciate it. For me, it can be some booster
to get more referrals ;)
No doubts, this one, planned to be long
term online investment program
yes, they pay profit and referral commission, thank you
JustInvesting not only pay the profit, i join their event
and got some prizes, can use it as additional deposit, so, i
think, an active member, event if they want to start without
any deposit, can earn some nice amount of profits too with
I suggest to join now, not only because they pays the
profit, but they have giveaways deposit bonus for all of
investor, check it
their company just look promising and also, easy to
withdraw, and most important thing, their support staff is
very active and have relatively fast response. Thank you
Paying, want to have more investment with
thank you, daily profit has been received
Daily profit send into my account balance everyday and easy
to withdraw. thank you
start to paid me, feel lucky can find JustInvesting, seem
the time is come to test them more, with more investment.