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Payouts: 1-25% after 1 day!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $60,000
Referral bonus: 5%
Our company offers access to the most exciting asset class; curating connections between highly experienced individuals ready to invest, and people at the forefront of innovation.
  • Lifetime: 197 days
  • Monitoring: 197 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 168.5
  • Funds return: 93.00%

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
My success is yours too, admin, We're made for each other.
The industry is ours.
6,326.00 $ completed from your recorded account to mine.
Fast Payout Now, admin.
Well Done!
I will make sure to invest more to your program.
The project has delivered to my PM account, the verification
has been completed.The amount of 46.92 USD has been
deposited to your account. Accounts:
U37911026->U_____UUU. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to
FURLONG from the UNB SECURE Program. Batch: 361300068
Payment is perfect, I got paid, thanks to the administration
for releasing $5270.50 USD to me.
Your grit and determination to to business is really
appreciated, please don't stop the good work you're doing in
blessing people through investment business.
I have double payments
A 125% investment profit made, the transaction is complete.
... and I have been paid another 5%, through referral.
Gratitude, admin.
This is a platforms that provide clients with intelligent
trading tools at a consistently low pricing... a
market-leading provider of financial stability.
This is a great project guys... Payment received today.
The amount of 7619.43 has been deposited to your perfect
money account.
To account U19378120.
from unb secure.
Received Payment 0.41 USD from account U37911026 to account
Uxxxxxxx. Batch: 351039524. Memo: API Payment. Invoice
To josnHJ17.
You made my day
You have began it well for me... This result ought to have
been sent since yesterday but it's in now.
I am very grateful, admin.
2.27 BTC to
Withdrawal Completed.
Perfect for the business and thanks for the stable payout.
I'm grateful.
This is a fantastic program, I always enjoy their payout
Punctual payment.
Received 923.00$ into my wallet.
Thanks a lot.
More deposit soon.
Excellent work-rate, I couldn't be more pleased, admin.
Thanks for helping me out doing this economical shamble of a
I will invest more today or tomorrow.
2743 Withdraw has been sent!
Great Project!
Thanks for the principal and profit together, withdrawn
Amount: +0.8996
Currency: BTC
Payout Processed
Payment confirmed to my Payeer account from unb secure.
Date: 19.01.2021
ID: 1308162351
Details: P1028672531 - P&&&&173529
Amount: 266.36 USD
You are Extra-ordinary... Everyday!
FROM UnB Secure.
Received to my Payeer wallet.
Received to
Payeer Address:
Good project, Paying!
Fast withdrawal now.
Bitcoin withdrawal has been processed from the project
Bitcoin Transaction
1.41642684 BTC.
Thank you admin @unb for offering the greatest service of
You see to it that my payout is done, Thanks for the caring
and sincerity.
Payment of 901.36 USD has been completed to my Perfect Money
The transaction batch is 350828730
Payment is complete now, admin.
So great partnering with you in your vision, you have put so
much wealth into my path through your wonderful project.
I got paid today again
Thanks for the payment.
3300 USD.
I totally love how it has been running so smooth and always
making re-investments to gain bigger profits on my
64$ payout done, thanks for the payout .
to my perfect money account.
You've released a new breadth of skills which I enjoyed the
The best program I have ever joined
I'm Refreshed by this result
I highly appreciate the given payment from you
16 Jan. 11:30 UTC
Your result is hundred percent sure.
Bitcoin Paid
0.0223 BTC
Bitcoin Address
833,27 USD
A very profitable site, truly enjoyed their approach to
every business completed or made within their industry.
Date : 2021-01-16 05:32
From/To Account : U37911026
Amount : 576.80
Currency : USD
Batch : 350854146
Memo : API Payment.
Withdraw to Moses From UNB Secure
See to it that I got my payment the day next to tomorrow...
I now deposited 0.09 btc
Keown's withdrawal request has been met by the
administration. Thank you.
1003.00 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money
The transaction batch is
Great Project guys

I got my next payment after four days of 195% from my

I'm very glad about that.

This one Real...


Thanks! Paying!
21:54 14.01.21 Receive 350613445 U21961001
UnbSecure +0.32 Received Payment 0.32 USD from account
U37911026. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to TOK20t20 from
UnbSecure Limited.
Good Return
I've completed new withdrawal now from your hyip.
Very interesting indeed, now 268.43 USD.
More deposit soon.
This program has solid background
A blessing to every investors
Paying~$29 has been deposited to your Payeer Account.
Bless You, Admin.
You're truly secure.
For me, I'm short of words to use for this company. but the
best is the best, they are the best around now. Join the
best and enjoy the best.
Today @07:29 AM
Operation date: 14th Jan 2021
Operation ID: 1302938181
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: 16,189.05 USD
From UNB
To Prita.
Payout Completed
Withdraw Funds
( 1.22291596 BTC )
Transaction hash
Program PAYING
You are more helpful than you realized, thank you.
I really appreciate you for that.
Please keep it up, admin.
EFFECTIVENESS! I can't thank you enough, you always give me
joy, 10482.74 USD withdrawal received
very important profit to my account.
675.53 USD has been sent to your Perfect Money account.
The transaction batch is
Withdraw to Kessie From Unb Secure.
Profit Made!
Do you realize something... This is a win-win platform for
any chosen investor who is ready to earn and make good money
on the online investment project.
Carvalho Perfect Money account received the amount of
To U19732637
234.32 USD
Payment Completed.
The return was excellent and right now really happy and
celebrating it.
I got paid off a 195% investment deposit to UNB SECURE some
days back.
Withdrawal of 388.00 USD has been made instantly.
Thank you, admin for the payout.
Very good site with stable plan!!!!
Withdrawal today by VBF8DMKO1ZDJ
Withdrawal of $176.78
The transaction batch is 360493179.
super amazing program, More to come forward
The project offer very attractive results and make it easy
for me to adjust my investment portfolio.
Got paid ! very good. I think this one is forever. thanks
honest admin.
The amount of 50 USD has been deposited to your Payeer
account 1027312383 today.
The transaction has been completed successfully from the
program, great project.
Sensible plan, and it works out well. I have to make deposit
direct from what I have with the project.
470.73 USD
Best Wishes
Payout Received
11 Jan, 13:45 UTC
Currency: USD
To my wallet
I am happy being referred here
Mate, you are a legend, I can a thousand times confirm it
that you are indeed a legend.
Bitcoin Payment
Milan Receives...
I couldn't be more satisfied with your project, admin.
This will give and boost out hope in you.
Received my 345% investment deposit performed some days
I am 749 usdollar richer now, all from this safe and
reliable investment site.
Thank you, admin for making me not to witness a waste from
your side.
New withdrawal from UNB, withdrawn.
4$ profit withdrawn
This is performed on a smaller deposit, I got to go for the
bigger and better part.
I'm pleased.
A very competent crew, arranged for my withdrawal with the
short space of time... 2324.30 usd completed now, instantly.
More to come!!! For now withdrawal is completed.
43.97 $ into my account on a twenty-four hours deposit
I love what you have done for me at every deposit. Thank you
very much.
Your grit and determination to to business is really
A beautiful program. $808.61 has been sent to you Payeer
The transaction batch is
Fast Withdrawal!
The amount of 51.00 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U37911026->U------377. Memo: API Payment.
Withdraw to Hegazi from the UNB SECURE Program. Batch:
352888755. A new dimension to every investors. Thanks for
reaching out to us in cash and kind.
Program PAYING
BTC = $11,971.00
Transaction batch isn't less than five minutes from now.
Bitcoin Transaction
20,70 dolar american
9 ian., 09:04 UTC
Buon Compleanno
I feel at home because it's happening for real in here.
Payout Done!
Nice job from this admin.
8977.26 USD Processed!
First payment receive instantly. Good job Admin. long life
to this program.
Operation date: 08th JAN. 2021
Operation ID: 1299930004
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: 63.62 USD
Account: Payeer
Withdrawal Completed.
2819.03 $
Received to my Payeer wallet.
Received to
Payeer Address:
Good project, Paying!
Received To Pogba's Wallet from this amazing investment
%5 referral Bonus.
12 Dollar
You are just making sure that your partners in business are
very happy around you, admin.
Please keep it up.
Perfect Payment
Withdraw my profit, no delay or denial of account from the
8742 USD has been successfully sent to your Payeer account.
To account: 1024387196
From UNB.
Doing well for me and my firm, most of my financial source
has been from this project and I duely thank them for that.
Beautiful project, result of today is into my account.
313.00 USD
Correct Job, gives out my request as requested. How cool is
that I love it.
Intelligent work.
Safe for us all, instant payment from UNB secure at this
1.15263299 BTC to
You have begins this day for me on a brighter note.
Paying consistently,very stable and great project.Thanks
and there is another deposit
Date: 05.01.2021 09:11
ID: 1290101610
Details: P1028672531 - P10282---
Amount: 1772.59 USD
What I valued most in UNB is their experience,
professionalism and proven reliable strategies.
It's really working perfectly and sure to yield at any
attempted time.
Simply the best.
How cool is that, I love it.
Transaction of 2336.37 USD has been completed to my Payeer
The transaction batch is 1291274260
Good payout now, will invest more as long as withdrawals are
Next Profit
Date : 2021-01-04
From/To Account : U37911026
Amount : 22.19
Currency : USD
Batch : 351959617
Memo : API Payment.
A very profitable site, really like their approach to every
move made within their industry.
Received 1.3615925 BTC
Bitcoin Transaction Completed now from this site.
5246.36 USD.
Their is a strong partnership between the program and I.
Says Friedel
Today completed $13,07 off referral withdrawal from their
10:58.44 AM.
It's what I merit from this project.
To my Payeer account
From UNB
To 1026209834
This is a successful transaction of 10,323.07 USD completed
right now.
Withdrawal from UNB account to my privy purse
New deposit to follow...
Do not stop the development of this great investment
company. Thanks for the great service. Truly enjoying your
transaction, it never fails for once.
My withdrawal request was paid on time with the batch:
35mk4tDU64T8Um8n6Yc9PD4mSbrL5rjZvD, and I have made a new
Thank you
0.00969316 BTC
Good Morning.
More power to this wonderful program and great work by the
admin who is handling this so efficiently...The amount of
5.12 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts:
U37911026->U38127***. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to
!QBEE from UNB SECURE. Batch: 352084920
Doing good every time I look on to the program for proper
This new year will be so busy between both of us.
Constant payment as usual, admin
Withdrawal paid today! Thank You very much! The amount of
0.00264 BTC has been deposited to your bitcoin account.
Thanks. You dashed out the payment so quick and easy.
Easy Payout.
My withdrawal request was paid on time with the
batch: 351979613,
and I have made a new deposit of 600 USD. Thank you
0.25 BTC to
Confirmed from the stable and one of the sure and reliable
online investment project.
7,309.08 in Dollar
Success Now.
1 Jan, 09:24 UTC
From the States, Trinity Says' Thank you, admin.
us$61 completed.
Received 31 December 2020
Every attempt from me to your program has always amount to
Successful withdrawal of 3625.25 USD from this project.
Withdraw to Pioli's Payeer account.
This is my principal and profit together withdrawn from my
account from the program to see if it will be released and
it was.

The amount of 43.58 USD has been deposited to your account.

Accounts: U37911026->U2602107. Memo: API Payment.
Withdraw to dDDQ04penR from -UNB SECURE-.. Date: 12:07
30.12.20. Batch: 358876109.

Thanks admin
To Scheloto's perfect money account.
From UNB.
The next payment completed U29847268 account.
Good Profit.
A 345% investment profit received from your program now.
Paying ...
Instantly withdrawal
+0.2665123 BTC
Bitcoin Transaction
More People still need to know that these people are
Operation date: 30 Dec. 2020
Operation ID: 1288917305
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: 31,363.91 USD
@08:47:01 AM.
Come what may, always loyal to your cause. Thanks for the
return today.
it was fantastic being rewarded for loyalty.
468.26 USD
It was successfully processed, thanks to this reliable
Another deposit to your program now, admin.
Deposited 200$
Sent in my profit... Project delivers!
My withdrawal of 5002.00 USD has been been received
instantly to my account.
This system is working perfectly for the growth of everyone
associated with.
Good delivery today.
Yes! So honest and so fast. Good and an Ideal Solution For
0.5 BTC
Bitcoin Address
13,393.70 USD.
An excellent performance.
Have been earning very good returns from here always and its
been very good ride since more than some months now with so
many positive memories...

Payment batch -

The amount of 428 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U37911026->U2023***. Memo: API Payment.
Withdraw to Jayden from unbsecure com..

New Deposit
550 USD
I got to put in more commitment into this project, since
realizing their potential, I then understand that they have
good intentions.
I'm very glad about this. This one is here to stay for
long... The amount 910.98 USD has been deposited to your
bitcoin wallet.
Confirmed from Blockchain
910.98 USD received in bitcoin from UNB to my wallet.
December has been profitable for me from this project
Simple steps that really works!
So simple!!
Date : 2020-12-27 05:11
From/To Account : U37911026
Amount : 16.53
Currency : USD
Batch : 351759617
Memo : API Payment.
A very profitable site, like their approach to every move
made within their industry.
$722 has been successfully sent to your Payeer account.
From Account P1028672531
Instantly received to my own account too.
Very Good.