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November 25, 2020 Stars Mining
Payouts: 3.6-8% daily!
Min-max: $10-n/a
November 18, 2020 Mining House Trade Ltd
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Monarch Capital
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November 09, 2020 Pammo Trade
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November 05, 2020 Forex Classics
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October 27, 2020 VisionWallet
Payouts: 1.1-1.4% daily!
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October 23, 2020 Se7en
Payouts: 0.07% hourly!
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October 21, 2020 Alliance - Benefit
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September 22, 2020 HightWolf
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True Reach Network
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August 31, 2020 Global CryptoX
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August 11, 2020 Big On Assets Ltd
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August 10, 2020 AfisFund
Payouts: 1-20% after 1 day!
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August 05, 2020 British FX Funds
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July 31, 2020 Coinice
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AfisFund › go to program homepage
Payouts: 1-20% after 1 day!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $120,000
Referral bonus: 5%
We are a global investment company with offline and online offices, We build and support sustainable, large-scale businesses in the financial services sector. We set out to provide the world with a reliable, transparent, and most importantly, accessible investment product.
  • Lifetime: 120 days
  • Monitoring: 111 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 92.5
  • Funds return: 55.00%

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
Thanks a lot...
0.0128087 BTC to
Withdrawal has been successfully withdrawn from your program
Thank you for everything.
Excellent to excel alongside this wonderful program,
continue to do us well in the future.
As I see and view the project at first, I thought the profit
won't come out fast as usual from other HYIP but at this
very moment, I don't trust any other HYIP except this one.
New payout.
Thank you, admin.
$28992.29 has been successful sent to your Payeer account
Today 2020-11-28
To my Payeer account P1024188085
Payout Successful.
Thanks for the withdrawal to my wallet. $192.63 has been
deposited to your bitcoin wallet.
Received my profit without any problems.
Njitap's Bitcoin wallet.
I renewed and upgraded on the next deposit to your program.
Deposited to your account now...
Deposit of 2877.00 USD
Expect to cash out soon
As I have confirmed you to be a private online
investment company that has been legally registered, I
surely believe there won't be any problems and this
relationship can go a long way.
0.33620197 BTC
Bitcoin Address
I just keep on having instant profit from your site, another
one completed at this moment.
I've completed withdrawing the amount of 509.56$ now.
This project is very profitable guys!
Always have instant result from them at every helm of
Paid and received.
The amount of 930.00 USD has been sent to your bitcoin
Today 27th November, 2020.
Good program.
The Payout was successfully processed and I can't wait for
Received my payout without any problems. Thanks to you,
A new withdrawal carried out successfully from your
738.20 USD completed
To Haleps' Payeer account.
New payout.
$94.94 has been successful sent to your Perfect Money
Today 2020-11-25
From Account U36184002
To Eugene
a well-oiled machine and a talented team.
0.10828138 BTC
Payment to
Bitcoin Received to my account.
They clearly understands their responsibilities and tasks in
the investment process.
So interesting, delivered on time.
From admin now to my wallet the amount of 266.93$.
Reliable program.
You don't have to work hard these days,
just be smart enough to earn yourself instant money from
this HYIP is enough for you and remove the uncertainty. They
pay like a swiss clock-wise.
Receiving Bitcoin to my wallet.
To Krychowiak's Bitcoin wallet received the amount of
1.40823878 BTC.
The payment is Confirmed!
1.40823878 BTC received.
Thanks, admin.
Batch Address;
Today @11:18
Operation date: 25-11-2020
Good job, admin.
Operation ID: 1247941055
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: $2102.5
Got paid ! very good. I think this one is forever. thanks,
an honest admin.
Payment of 8144.73 USD processed instantly to my payable
Thanks for the payment.
To Delron's account today, a fine program and very safe too.
I decided to ask for withdrawal today from this project. I
sent in my request at the early hour of today.
The result is in at this moment of putting in this vote.
3.5787675 BTC
Bitcoin Address
I was so happy seeing this at this time, this is what I have
been waiting for.
I now completed and rounded up my withdrawal...
Thank you, admin.
Received the amount of $94.02 to my Payeer account.
The transaction batch is 1245932022
I wish we had a more positive moment like this to share in
the future
They have good experts that are working on their strategy
for investors to make bigger and better refunds. I've earned
so many instants profit
I'm very glad about this; The amount of 3161.49$ USD has
been deposited into your Perfect Money account. Accounts:
U36184002->U91819274. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to
Cuenca from Afis Fund. Perfect work and I won't let it
slide... Date: 11:52 24.11.20. Batch: 348113646.
My withdrawal has been completed now with the batch no:
Payout completed.
I'm more self-employed now, I don't need any white-collar
job to sustain on, I already have Afis Fund doing excellent
work for me, making my money dance to the tune and turning
to profits.
Received Bitcoin Alert!
The amount of 5,107.19 BTC has been deposited into your
bitcoin account.
5,107.19 Bitcoin payout~
Bitcoin account.
Thanks to you, Afis fund.
Many thanks for the payment. I really appreciate the
Thank you for everything.
You're most trusted and relied upon.
At the moment I am testing the project, I have faith in the
package I bought which I already have the withdrawal status,
I hope to provide more referral towards the progress of the
investment company.

I got my first payment after just one day of 120% from my

I'm very glad about that.

This one is Paying...


Investment plans in this company allow you to have a higher
return on your investment by locking your capital for
certain days.
Sent in into my account, Payment on time.
The amount of 861.37 has been completed into my Perfect
Money account.
Currency: USD.
Time: 08:47:10
This is my Payout today.
Free money to my account so I made an investment deposit of
hope to have smooth withdrawal again soon on this project.
Wow! This is an exquisite pay.
just received @#$$$
4 392,51 BTC
received to
Bitcoin Address
Instant profit, admin.
Received $447.30 to Payeer account 1026910613.
Batch is
Surely, you will be able to withdraw your profit instantly.
So easy to do business with.
One of the most reason investment business is still
lucrative is this program. They have shown themselves many
times to me and other investor how well they really mean
business and how effective it is.
This company is excellent 22.11.20 09:02 Account Receive
+6116.60 Received Payment 6116.60 USD from account U36184002
account U7315845. Batch: 343056689. Memo: API Payment.
Withdraw to Pougatch from Afis Fund. Instant Money today
From the Afis Fund Program.
Very nice and perfect. A profitable program gets pay without
any problem.
890 USD.
890 USD has been deposited to your Payeer account.
Renewed my account today. Thank you for this.
13,023.98 United States Dollar
Withdrawal has been completed.
Nov 21, 1:46 PM UTC
Nothing is faster in this world than the withdrawal from
this HYIP.
They are so interesting to follow.
My privy account is has gotten the transfer immediately as I
have done the transfer to it.
When I was searching for something different, this one was
there to be found.
I've found the right thing.
Received my first payout from the program, I receive my
bitcoin payout from the program instantly.
0.41 BTC to
The one is leaving a very good track on my Part, delivering
my payment to my account at this moment, Thank you, admin.
%100 payment.
Double payout to my wallet.
Received today.
2948.73 USD.
42.331,19 BTC
Batch :
Program Pays.
Instant Solutions businesses and provide support to help out
investors become strong and successful.
My withdrawal request was paid on time with the batch:
342416959, and I have made a new deposit.
Thank you, Admin, for the wonderful job done.
Mephis reports.
Based on my feedback, they continuously improve their
service and I have access to payment now.
The amount of $782.89 has been sent to your Perfect Money
From account U36184002 to account U90187326.
Payment Completed.
First withdrawal one week ago, Money does come in very well,
good answer from support.
When it comes to taking important decisions and concluding
contracts, they reduce the time and the risk it takes in it.
Partners with a trusted broker...
Payout is given now, Most trusted!
Date: 20.11.2020
ID: 1216618370
Details: P1030044768 -> P1025893022
Amount: 5108.73 USD
My wish is to continue doing business with your company.
Trading on the online investment may be risky but not when
you practice trading with the right mindset.
Payment of 65 USD completed from this trading site today.
A 24hours investment package, withdrawal completed.
A bigger withdrawal to my wallet.
Thanks Admin.
22,590.87 USD.
Received in bitcoin now.
You didn't put our money into your own personal consumption
at all. Thanks.
1.25016594 BTC to
while using one of the supported payment systems and as I
watch the balance daily increase.
Excellent payout to my account.
Date: 2020-11-19 12:40
From/To Account : U36184002
Amount: 5812.73
Currency: USD
Batch: 342467491
Withdrawal to Troy from the Afis Fund program.
People need to know that these people have good experience
in managing an investment program, complete withdrawal
$748.91 completed
Received in Bitcoin now from this program to my wallet.
Enjoy the best with Afis fund today.
Absolutely true, nothing more...
Received my profit to my account now. I've received 192.74
The return is good
Thanks, Afis Fund.
Just verify this program, I made payment and now about to
690.73 USD is being processed at this moment.
Good Program.
Withdrawals are paid really fast from the program and I
totally love it.
I suggest you guys to not miss this opportunity at any cost
Payout received. Received to my bitcoin account from this
0.08736 BTC
1,576.02 US Dollar
Nov 18, 1:00 PM UTC
This is the beginning of new era for me and this program.
Sent in my profit...
Project delivers!
My withdrawal of 540.92 USD has been been received.
A product and business unparalleled with many, many
satisfied clients.
A standard of excellence
Keep growing...
Operation date: 18-11-2020 11:48
Thank you, admin.
Operation ID: 1224794105
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: 28,718.40 USD
Withdrawal has been made to Bushiri from Afis Fund.
It is Done...
Instantly withdrawal Now
Successfull Transaction
Batch: 342230067
1101.00 USD
For me, I'm grateful, Really grateful to you, admin.
For the umpteenth time, I got to withdraw successfully. It
is from the bottom of my heart I got to thank you for this.
17 Nov, 16:45 UTC
Now, completed 177.43 USD
Good one
Paid me in dollar now, I love your program so much.
Lambert from the UK will keep to withdrawing more fund
within your program by investing more.
177.43 USD
This is a passive payment, 186 USD through an affiliate
This is a reward for puting investors into the program.
AFIS FUND has the most advanced system and the best team.
Intelligent crew, dedicated team, qualified with trading
skills and vast experience that work hard and smart to serve
0.629 BTC
Thanks, admin, I don't even know how to express myself or
what to write that can show how happy I am at the moment.
You have done well.
10,690.74 to
Received my Payout.
Got my payment now, Thanks to Afis Fund for the complete
$4940.19 deposited to your Perfect Money account.
The transaction batch is 342197410
Thank you, admin.
With this project, I've earned instant profit today.
999.73$ completed to my account.
To Parrott's account.
Excellent project, bringing in capital to our homes without
doing any strenous work, I will love to get more payment.
They didn't create this site just for the money but they
came having a ready insight into and understanding of
I''m building the future of Finance, Thanks to Afis Fund for
helping me do that.
Received 3996.05 USD to my wallet.
I'm raising up my finance.
This is where you can build up wealth for yourself and the
future to come.
Myers from the UK.
Thanks for all the hard work. The amount of 396.60 USD has
been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts:
U36184002->U~~~~~~. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Du
Challou from Afis FUND. To many profit has been carried out
from Afis FUND... Date: 01:30 PM. 16.11.20. Batch:
Not less than Twelve minutes ago...
Your withdrawal order has been processed
Withdraw amount: 44,787.73 USD
Transaction #:
2.75135976 BTC
Instantly withdrawal
Batch: 341920701
21218.03 $
Instant Payment from AFIS FUND SITE TO MY ACCOUNT.
To be candid! You're a real gem. This is the genuine
Investment site.
$7420.36 has been successfully deposited to your Payeer
Thank you, admin. You made it happened just as it's stated
in the plan.
To Justin Payeer account
0.00019421 BTC to my wallet
From Admin.
Thanks for the payout.
Now I believed that you can be trusted with out fund.
For real, I will make this program known to too many people
out there.
Withdrawal completed.
Withdrawal done, Afis Fund Pays, Paid very well.
29,484.10 USD has been withdrawn successfully from the the
program from our account.
Today we are fulfilled by our position taken available and
friends development.
What a lovely long term program, I am very happy with the
great returns. The Project is also paying instantly giving
us all a memorable ideas to which we live on with and share
to others.
Blissful home! Withdrawal completed
My bitcoin address is
Bitcoin Address
Received with copious joy!
Thanks, admin.
Referral profit received.
Received 484$ bonus
Giving out to my account.
More people will still join from my side, this is a promise,
The rate at which the income comes in es good and better go
in the industry from the best to last within region fo the
formality int e intuition of man.
Received +1700.00 to cozma_1978 Payeer account.
Batch is
2020-11-14 02:31:PM
Thank you, admin for the excellent profits as I have being
the who trusted the most. It's a pleasure doing business
with you.
To Rajvaadi's PM Account
From Afis Fund U36184002
Paid 11.03 USD
Instant Profit now
Small return but good
I have to increase my next deposit.
Beautiful Project.
The end result is good, Truly Pays.
1.60179715 BTC sent to your bitcoin wallet.
Bitcoin Address
bc1qj9dzjnza2dgtfk8y4gzpf7rr8a599elrr8ujgm The job is
completed. The withdrawal is done.
Welcome to safety depositary.
It is a double pleasure for me to work with you since I have
already insured myself at your program.
Thanks for offering us great partnership.
$972.86 deposited to your perfect money account.
Thanks for the payout, admin, you're really strenghten the
partnership and it will surely go a long way.
A deposit of 0.48662072 BTC
Received and confirmed into your Payments Wallet.
...a true leader does not lose but either win or win...
Date: 2020-11-04 12:45
From/To Account : U36184002
Amount: 10.50
Currency: USD
Batch: 341523914
Comment: Withdrawal completed from Afis Fund to Vicena.
Thanks to the creator we're blessed with this HYIP at this
our time.
They have been much of help at this hard time at which
Corona Virus has deformed the economic shape.
Sandor's withdrawal today is $27002.70 I really appreciated
your performance @afisfund. Please continue.
What a beautiful program we have here guys
It has been paying me and my referrals very well and stable
returns. This is one of the very reasons i decided to make a
reinvestment from my account balance to keep earning good
profits within.

Payment batch -

The amount of 369.48 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U36184002->U6228***. Memo: API Payment. Invoice
105017, Afis fund... Date: 07:52 12.11.20. Batch: 341520579

0.1399375 BTC
2020-12-11 10:14
Best profitable investement company!
made the highest profit daily.
0.16052614 BTC has been deposited to your bitcoin wallet.
Today Nov 11 2020.
They deal with the the real modern paying system, compact
Operation date: 11-11-2020
Operation ID: 1215305537
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: 416.55 USD
Thanks for the successful operation.
$tatus: Paying
+1.22461454 BTC
This platforms provide clients with intelligent trading
Thank you, admin
Now done with the payout request, soon to withdraw instantly
as request is processed.
Responsive support.
$13,986.00 has been sent to your Perfect Money account.
Account U73075810
You've provide this all for me instantly with your
professional set-up.
Well proccessed, I will do another investment instantly.
A 120% investment profit earned and withdrawal has been
Wonderful site, doings investment just like magic.
Making me sit at home confortably while the money does the
job with greater reward to follow.
Thanks.\ Bitcoin withdrawal completed on my last deposit
0.259357 BTC to
...and most profitable business centre.
Thank you.
Payment completed, Payment of 892.26 USD completed.
Batch No: 1214300294.
I not have the greatest percentage of my invested money
after a few days.
Thanks, admin.
0.19509213 BTC
you have proven yourself worthy on the market. At the moment
this is the best option, I think so.
deposited $14932.00 via Payeer and it has been apprehended
my balalnce is upgraded now.
deposited with iwoV99186 account today.
The amount of 6599.35 USD has been deposited to your
account. Accounts: U36184002->U1673***. Memo: API
Payment... Date: 11:14 am. 11.09.20. Batch: 341363402.
Withdrawl to UPSON from AFIS FUND. I've received instant
profit from the AFIS FUND investment industry now, PAYING!
They confidently outperform its competitor's thanks to the
task-oriented and highly professional members in their team,
a very reliable program.